eartj on tutles back
Updated: 1/12/2021
eartj on tutles back

Storyboard Text

  • "Before this Earth existed, there was only water. It stretched as far as one could see, and in that water there were birds and animals swimming around."
  • she tells the chief about the dream
  • The Ancient Chief got a lot of young men together to try to uproot the tree, but none of them could. So the old man himself pulled and pulled until the tree came out.
  • The wife of the chief looked down the hole. She thought she had saw something but she had fallen down the hole .
  • The animals saw that she was falling and the swans flew up to save her.
  • "She has the Earth," they said. "Now where can we put it?"
  • So the woman stood on the Earth and with the seeds in her hand, the trees and grass sprang up. Life on Earth had just begun.
  • "I will bring the Earth up or die trying"
  • "Place it on my back"
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