Sladyn Kurtenbach "Tell Tell Heart"
Updated: 11/6/2020
Sladyn Kurtenbach "Tell Tell Heart"

Storyboard Text

  • Sladyn Kurtenbach"Tell-Tell-Heart"
  • ResolutionThe man is planning on killing the old man due to his weird blue eye.
  • rising actionEvery night he sneaks into his room and tries to see if he can see his weird eye
  • climaxhe ends up killing the old man in the night because he heard loud pumping from his heart so he kills him by throwing the bed on top of him.
  • falling actionthe police come to his house because his neighbor heard suspicious activity and decided to report it.
  • Symbolism the symbolism is the book on why he killed the old man and what the neighbor did and how he treated the old man at night by sneaking in.