11 Birthday story board Literacy
Updated: 5/8/2020
11 Birthday story board Literacy

Storyboard Text

  • Tara Brennan is breaking into a school to seal a goat while wielding a can of pepper spray.
  • Tara that is not a good idea you are going to get into trouble by your mom and dad. I am leaving.
  • My mom and dad sent me hear as a punishment for my crimes they sent me to a small town in willow fall with relatives I hardley knowincluding emily 11 years old.
  • Hi remember me I am Emily last time we ate and entire stick of glue.
  • Quickly I am learning that Emily is not the strangest person in the town.sure
  • Hey u want to learn about the townok There's a boy who sings at the bottom of an empty pool two best friend use blackboard to communicate.and a green eyed girl who is dating the most hottest movie star.