Updated: 5/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I really hope I make a new friend today...
  • I'm excited for the first day back!
  • Hello! My name is Myosin. It's nice to meet you!
  • Haha really?! That is so funny my name is actually Actin!
  • Of course! We can meet after school.
  • Hey Myosin! We have that exam coming up, would you like to study with me?
  • Today it is the first day of school. Myosin is hoping to make many new friends and is excited to start high school.
  • Myosin spots a friendly looking young man in her HL Biology class. She decides to start a conversation because he must be interested in science. They both get along very well.
  • Over time Myosin and Actin become great friends. Eventually their biology professor gets up to the unit on Muscle Contractions and they need to study for an exam. Actin asks Myosin if she would like to study with him.