Comic Ingles
Updated: 2/13/2020
Comic Ingles

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Comic ingles

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  • the doctor gulliver
  • goodbye family i have to go by boat to work to get money
  • Gulliver journey
  • On may 4 ,1699 aventure begins our ship leaves for the east indies in the indian ocean
  • ship's accident
  • Gulliver two months by boat whwn suddenly there is a storm when they hit a rock
  • His name is gulliver has two children and a wife, and he is a doctor, and has little money.
  • Lost on the island
  • Im here because we had an accident on the ship i had to jump and swi to this island
  • I make this trip because i dont have much money and a good friend of of mine has hired me as a doctor on his boat
  • Gulliver can´t move
  • It has been imposible to control the sip, we could not avoid the accident and we must abandon the ship
  • Gulliver discover the dwarves
  • I manage to break the cords of my arms and my hair
  • The capitan orders the entire ship to jump to the lifeboats. Gulliver jumps and nothing until an island is resting
  • What did not let him move was yhat something had been tied with some laces to the floor
  • Gulliver wakes up unable to move and noticies something moving on his leg
  • I find that those who have tied my whole body are dwarfs who speak in a very strange language