Night by Elie Wiesel - Mara Braddock
Updated: 4/21/2020
Night by Elie Wiesel - Mara Braddock
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  • Before the Jews were moved to camps they had their human rights restricted and were moved to Ghettos. There they had to wear a badge in the shape of a star to show they were a Jew, had a specific curfew and many lost their small businesses that supported their families.
  • Shortly after the Jews had their rights limited they were all moved to camps by cattle cars. The cattle cars had limited food and water for the Jews to share which only lasted a short amount of time. Madame Schächter was a "madwoman" who could see a fire in the distance, young men beat her to keep her silent. When the cattle cars pulled up to Birkenau they realized Madame Schächter did see fire, it was the crematorium.
  • The Jews who were alive after the journey on the cattle cars were all locked in camps, when they arrived at the camps Nazi doctors selected the Jews who were going to be sent to the crematorium. At the camps, horrible things happened to the Jews causing a lot of them to lose faith in God.
  • The Jewish prisoners were forced to run 40 miles non-stop on their way to another camp, Gleiwitz. Many people either died of exhaustion, hunger or were trampled to death. Because of all the deaths, this run is known as the "death march".
  • Eliezer's father Shlomo becomes very weak after the march and he and Eliezer both get separated from each other when the camp gets an air raid threat. Shortly after Eliezer gets reunited with his father Shlomo passes away and is sent to the crematorium.
  • Americans start to attack the camps on April 5, 1945 and later liberate the camps a few days later on April 11th, 1945. Eliezer is one of the few Jews to make it out alive.
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