Percy Jackson Conflict
Updated: 2/21/2019
Percy Jackson Conflict
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  • Chapter #8 Character vs Self
  • Could I have saved her..?
  • Chapter #3 Character vs Character
  • Chapter #8 Character vs Society
  • Torture Thalia for Zeus's mistake!
  • Go! I'll hold them off!
  • Page #115, "I wondered, if I'd acted differently, could I have saved my mother?" This quote is important, because it shows characterization about Percy. He loves his mom, and he reflects on his past actions.
  • Chapter #6 Character vs Technology
  • Page #31, "Whenever I was home, he expected me to provide his gambling funds. He called it our 'guy secret.' Meaning, if I told my mom, he would punch my lights out." This quote is important, because it gives us insight about Gabe and Percy's relationship.
  • Chapter #3 Character vs Nature
  • BOOM!
  • Page #114, "'Hades let the worst monsters out of Tartarus to torment Thalia.'" This is an important quote, because we learn how Thalia was defeated, and that Hades is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Chapter #2 Character vs Technology
  • Page #91, "I turned just as water blasted out of the toilet again, hitting Clarisse straight in the face so hard it pushed her down onto her butt." This is an important quote because we can infer that Percy might have a connection to water. 
  • Page #42, "With the next thunder clap, my mom woke. She sat up, eyes wide, and said, 'Hurricane.'" This is an important quote, because we know that Percy's mom, Sally, is aware of surroundings, and that this could have been an affect of the three old ladies (the fates).
  • Page #25, "There was a huge grinding noise under our feet. Black smoke poured from the dashboard and the whole bus filled with a smell like rotten eggs. The driver cursed and limped the Greyhound over to the side of the highway." This is an important quote, because it is how Percy and Grover end up seeing the old ladies.
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