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Updated: 9/25/2020
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  • Many colonists left England to avoid religious persecution. Colonists sailed over on the Mayflower in hopes to start a new colony Started a new colony that would lead to many events later on.
  • French and some Indian tribes didn't want colonists to settle. French and England went to war. French lost and gave Canada and the Ohio river valley to the British.
  • The colonies are way bigger than Britain. Why are they still in charge of us? We don't need them.
  • The king from Britain wanted more money so he created the stamp act. Stamp act made every important little thing had to have a stamp on it that cost the colonists money Led to the colonists wanted the stamp act to be repealed and it was.
  • Colonists were mad about the things the king has done so they decided to throw tea into the water. ''Indians'' threw thousands of dollars of tea into the Boston harbor The king of Britain decided to close the harbor.
  • He was thinking that the colonies are much bigger than Britain and so far away. Thomas Paine questioned why Britain is still in control. Led to people questioning the colonies independence.
  • The colonies wanted to be separate from Britain and make their own country Made the declaration of independence to be set free from the king of Britain Became their own country on July 4 1776, and was no longer ruled by Britain
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