Mystery Highschool
Updated: 3/16/2021
Mystery Highschool

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  • We're going on a trip this weekend.
  • What did you bring for this trip?
  • Me too!
  • I'm so excited for this trip!
  • 7... 13... 26. Okay, 26 students including me as it should be.
  • Students, please take care of each other and don't go anywhere without telling me.
  • In the class, Madam Ju announced to herclass that they were going on a trip on the weekendto create memories as it's their last year as school students.
  • Okay, teacher!
  • On the day of the trip, they eagerly waiting for the bus.
  • Everyone, it's time to go. Please bring all of your things and don't leave any rubbish.
  • We are here. Let me count how many of you. 5.. 24.. 27..Okay, you can go home now. Thank you for joining this trip.
  • Madam Ju counted the studentsbefore they got into the bus. There were 26 studentsincluding her as the teacher who joined the trip.
  • Madam Ju asked the students not to goanywhere without her permission and the studentsobeyed with the instructions.
  • 3 days after and it's time for them to leave.They were extremely happy.
  • Soon after, they arrived at the school and Madam Jucounted them again and realized there's 27of them, Who's the last one then?..
  • Wait,what?! Why there's 27? Who's the last one?!