Giving instructions
Updated: 2/12/2021
Giving instructions

Storyboard Text

  • Where am I? I am supposed to be at the theater at 4p.m.
  • Stupid boss, how dare him to fire me?
  • Hello friend, do you know how can I get to the theater?
  • Emmm... I think it is like 2 blocks ahead, and then turn to the left and finally turn to the right
  • Yeah, whatever...
  • Alright man, thanks... ?
  • Jesus! I´m lost. I should have ignored that guy.
  • Of course darling. Look, you have to take the Elm street, after one block, turn to your left on Hanover street. There is the theater, just in front of the Chinese restaurant.
  • Excuse me madame, could you tell my where the theater is?
  • Oh! Thank you so much.
  • Sorry for the delay, I was lost... and then more lost thanks to a guy who gave me bad instructions, thanks heaven a lady helped me.
  • Don´t worry, it has just begun.