Comic Project for Lifespan

Updated: 10/5/2021
Comic Project for Lifespan

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  • Showing Love:Even when parents lose control over a certain situation, the job of a parent is to explain to the child what they did was wrong and if them themselves are in the wrong. Showing the love you promised you would have for your child, it's important to realize when a problem is getting out of hand.
  • I understand mom, thank you for explaining it to me.
  • I know I lost my temper, I've been having a tough day.
  • Providing Support: Parent's need to support their kids idea's even when the importance of it is not for them. When struggling with problems, it's the parent's job to encourage them with developing interests when going through something. Praise them whenever their at there best.
  • I've been wanting to join the basketball team but i'm scared of failing...
  • I will support you through any decision you encounter.
  • Setting Limits: As parent's you can't always be their friends. Setting boundaries and providing a firm and appropriate for their development. It let's your children learn from your actions reflecting off others. Having limits keep your kid physically and emotionally safe.
  • I understand mom.
  • I can't be your friend all the time, I said no.
  • Being a role model:Kids need a strong role model, and balance their behavior along with values. Action's speak louder than words.