Unknown Story
Updated: 3/17/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Where are you gonig
  • uh where are you going
  • Nowhere
  • i'mm going nowhere
  • a school play a copy of the famous play hamilton. jeff leaved out of there ounce they were starting and he had the lead part.
  • jeff was out side get ready to ,but olive showed up then jeff ask if she wanted him to stay with her and wait she said yes so he stayed.
  • the bus arrived and olive would leave so jeff leafed to go home.
  • Jeff was on his way home he was suprized their was know body there in the town except of cource olive he went home.
  • At home Jeff was so tried so he went upstairs and tried to go to sleep but his stomach was killing him so he went to a dinner
  • At the dinner Jeff ate a giant sushi and all of a random everything started growing super giant well that's a story for next time.