Part 3
Updated: 6/9/2020
Part 3
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  • The claim came from a alleged Chinese researcher named Chen Horin at Zanjan University in China. The reason people stopped believing it was because his name translates to "what is your name" in English. Whats more, people learned that Zanjan University does not even exist in China its actually located in Iran.
  • But I don't get it,Vitamin C does boost the immune system so shouldn't it prevent or maybe cure the virus?
  • Vitamin C is needed for the immune system to work. It could help reduce the time of a common cold which is why people think it boosts immunity.However if you take too much it can lead to nausea,vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Wow, you're really smart!
  • But there has not been enough evidence to confidentially say that it can help with the virus
  • Thanks just wish that statement our president made was at a rally was too.
  • What did he say?
  • Earlier this year Trump said at a rally that building a wall will stop the virus along with other public health threats from entering the US.
  • Despite what the director of the CDC and other experts have told him he refuses to listen.
  • Some think that Trump is using this pandemic as an excuse to build that expensive wall.
  • Well one massive wall wont really contribute much to our country plus it would cost a fortune.
  • Yea well it is what it is. All things considered I think the way the US,the UK,and Italy handled things caused more disconnection rather than solidarity but doesn't mean we can't make a positive change now.By the way I'm done ranting.
  • Well, don't be so quick to trust anything you see on the internet,fact check ,try not to assume things,definitely be mature,don't send hate or promote it,attend gathering that try to speak up for whats right,or maybe sign a petition for a good cause.
  • As I've mentioned before you're a smart guy,how can people help better the situation in these times?
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