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Updated: 12/19/2019
Psych Storyboard
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  • Classical Conditioning
  • The food makes the dog salivate, will the plate cause this response too?
  • More Classical Conditioning
  • The dog learned the food will come after they see the plate...
  • Strange Phobias
  • That cat scares me, I remember when my old cat attacked me when I was younger
  • Ivan Pavlov, the father of classical conditioning, used dog's salivation to experiment if dogs can be conditioned to salivate when seeing a plate. He wanted to turn the neutral stimulus into a conditioned stimulus.
  • Taste Aversion
  • The chicken made me feel sick, I am not eating that again
  • The plate shifted from the NS to the CS as it was reinforced by food (UCS). The food originally created the natural salivation (UCR). But after conditioning, the plate alone now created the dogs's salivation, acting as the CR.
  • Recovering Drug Addicts
  • I feel much better not being around that environment anymore
  • People with strange phobias begin to associate a NS with a fear response, or UCS. With the association, the NS becomes a CS. Seeing the object alone causes the CR of having a phobia of the object.
  • Advertising
  • I am buying Cola so I can feel powerful!
  • Consuming foods and negatively responding to them causes a fear of the food itself. The food is the NS, and when paired with an illness, or UCS, the UCR is feeling sick. The NS becomes the CS and elicits the CR of avoiding the food.
  • Moving decreases relapse triggers, which occur when the brain pairs the place with the substance abused. The place is the CS for addicts and the substance is their CR. After leaving the area, the addict cannot crave the CR from the place, aiding their recovery.
  • An advertising executive can convince others to buy their product by pairing the product, or CS, with an emotional response, or CR. The CS encourages the CR, which makes the buyer want to go out and purchase the product to feel like the positive advertisement.
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