Assignment #10
Updated: 12/18/2019
Assignment #10
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Assignment ten for science class

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  • Newtons first law of motion is that an object will always stay where it is unless an unbalenced force comes and moves it. The same goes for when the object is moving, it will always stay moving unless an unbalence force moves it.
  • Newtons second law of motion is if an object is pushed and/or moved with an unbalenced force it impacts the accelaration of the object but with the force you have to keep in mind the mass of the object. For if the mass is a cerrtain amount then the force will need to be different.
  • Newtons third law is any force has an equal and opposite force
  • Gravity
  • Thrust
  • When the rocket is still then it has only gravity acting on it, but when it launches thrust comes into play. Thrust needs to be stronger than gravity to get of the ground.
  • Every force has an equal and opposite force. Just like THRUST and GRAVITY.
  • MY SOURCES:Brainpop video-'
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