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Soc 202
Updated: 9/29/2020
Soc 202
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  • hmmm...
  • I'm so sorry!
  • I asked for NO CREAM !!! I am never coming here again!
  • Ugh, where do you think people learn to act like that? He clearly wasn't raised right eh?
  • Actually, that is exactly why I am here!
  • I am an Interpretivist Sociologist here to observe whether there are any factors that may contribute to a customer or patron becoming abusive or confrontational towards staff! Currently, I am going around to different coffee shops in the city and observing interactions between customers and staff! If I notice patterns reoccurring at many shops, I may be able to come up with a theory as to what influences those kinds of outbursts! So far I have noticed that when there is cold or rainy weather, there seems to be more negative interactions.
  • That seems like a lot of work and not very accurate... Wouldn't it be easier to just send out a survey or something?
  • You make some great points! But as an Interpretivist, I am more interested in a naturalistic approach to gathering information. See, doing interviews, observations like this, and asking about people's experiences, I am able to get a better understanding on how our individual experiences in the world effect our perception of reality and how we behave!
  • Since I believe that the each person experiences reality differently, it is important to so theses kinds of observations! Afterwards, if I find enough similarities in the interactions and interviews I conduct, I will then be able to test out my hypothesis and then analyse and interpret those findings in a way that could be helpful to people like you in understanding why someone may act that way! If just might be the way they were raised!
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