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  • Chapter 7
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  • That's no way to talk!
  • $#@!
  • In chapter 7 Jem tells Scout that his pants were already patched when he found them on the fence. Later they go back to the knothole and find a ball of string. As time passes more items appear in the knothole, gum, a pocket watch, and a spelling bee medal. The next day the kids go back but the hole that been filled with cement, but when the kids ask Mr. Radley about the knothole he says he put filled the hole because the tree is dying.
  • Chapter 10
  • For the first time in several years it snows and Maycomb suffer a real winter, and Mr. Avery blames the kids for the awful snowfall. That night Miss Maudie’s house catches on fire but seems relieved, saying that it gives her a chance to build a smaller home and a bigger garden. During the fire, though somebody puts a blanket over Scout, and later Jem and Scout realize it has been Boo putting the stuff in the knothole, mending Jem's pants and draping the blanket over Scout.
  • Chapter 11
  • In chapter 9 Atticus defends a black man named Tom Robinson and this results in many racial slurs and name-calling. Around Christmastime Uncle Jack comes to stay with Atticus for a few weeks but when he hears Scout cuss he strongly disapproves. Later on, Atticus takes the family down to Finches landing for the holiday. Scout meets Francis and they don't like each other at all, Francis hats how Atticus is defending Tom Robinson calls Atticus a black person lover.
  • The End
  • In chapter 10 Scout says Atticus is older than most Father and can't do most activities that other Fathers do. However, when a rabid dog enters Maycomb Sheriff Tate is quick to hand the gun to Atticus. Scout learns Atticus was known as "One-Shot Finch". Scout is quick to brag about it but Jem doesn't, he knows that if Atticus was proud of it he would have told them previously.
  • In chapter 11 Scout and Jem have to deal with a woman named Mrs. Dubose, she is very old and very cranky. Every time they walked by her she would make snide remarks. One day while they were walking by she said Atticus was a black person lover, Jem was furious and destroyed all her camellia bushes, as a result, he has to read to her. After Jem's punishment ends it takes a few months but she passes away.
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