Child Abuse

Updated: 11/26/2020
Child Abuse

Storyboard Text

  • Emily was adopted from a man and woman they didn't treat her well
  • When she was five, her mom passed away and her father left her. Then, she was adopted by a man and a women. During that time she was physically and mentally abused
  • She was always told that she was worthless person, that her father wanted nothing to do with her and that's why her own father left her
  • Her mom past away .she is smart and didn't deserve parents like them.they didn't treat her well. Emily wishes that she could die so she could be with her mom.
  • The base is Emily's room
  • I miss you Mom
  • Emily always gets hurt physically and mentally by her ...and she decided to run away from that house
  • Then she saw a police officer near the neighbourhood and told him about what her parents did to her
  • HELP ME!!!
  • Both of you are arrested for child abuse
  • Finally her parents were arrested and put in jail for 13 years