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"Thank You M'am" storyboard
Updated: 10/19/2020
"Thank You M'am" storyboard
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  • "Thank You, M'am"By: Langston HughesAbigayle Anderson
  • Exposition: This is the part when Roger comes up behind Mrs. Jones and tries to steal her purse but then falls to the ground and Mrs. Jones picks him up.
  • Pick up my pocketbook, boy, and give it here.
  • Inciting Incident: This is the part when Mrs. Jones is dragging Roger by the shirt back to her house.
  • Then it will get washed this evening
  • No'm
  • Ain't you got nobody home to tell you to wash your face?
  • Well you didn't have to snatch my pocketbook to get some suede shoes. You could of asked me.
  • Rising Action: This is the part when Mrs. Jones brings Roger into her house and Roger is cleaning his face.
  • I wanted a pair of blue suede shoes.
  • Climax: This is the part where Roger is choosing weather or not he should stay, he makes the decision of staying.
  • Should I stay or make a run for it while I still can?
  • Don't believe I do, unless you just want sweet milk yourself.
  • Falling Action: This shows the part where Mrs. Jones bends down behind the screen where she can't see Roger and leaves her purse behind her.
  • Do you need somebody to go to the store, maybe to get some milk or something?
  • Good-night! Behave yourself, boy!
  • Resolution: This shows the part when Mrs. Jones gives Roger the ten dollars to buy himself some shoes and when they say goodbye.
  • Now, here, take this ten dollars and buy yourself some blue suede shoes.
  • Thank you.
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