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reading// smelly feat
Updated: 9/20/2019
reading// smelly feat
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  • setting, characters and conflict
  • rising action
  • the setting is a three month period between the beach school and Berin's housethe characters are Berin, Horse and his gang, and old Shelley.the conflict is that Horse and his gang want to hurt old shelley and turn her into turtle soup, Berin believes that old shelley might be the only turtle left though.
  • Climax
  • the rising actions is the dad and sister complained, Berin knocked out his mouse and cat, and horrified the dog with his smelly feet.
  • falling action
  • Berin goes to turtle island and overhears horse and his gang planning to hurt old shelly, Berin tries to stop them but can't so he comes up with a diabolical plan to save old Shelley.
  • theme
  • Theme!!
  • Berin meets horse and his gang at beach and they try to attack him, Berin remembers he has something useful in his pocket, berin sticks his hand in his pocket and grabs his socks which instantly knock out the gang.
  • Old Shelley is able to safely lay her eggs, while Horse and his gang wake up and run away because they're scared of Berin.
  • I think the Theme is "Something bad can be actually turn out to be something good."
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