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Medusa's Great Debate
Updated: 4/27/2020
Medusa's Great Debate
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  • Tell me how diverging and converging lenses work or I'll turn you to stone.
  • Well it's quite simple actually, converging lenses refracts the rays twice, bending them when looking at an object in the distance. One ray is bent towards the normal and one is bent away depending on the density of the air around it. Diverging lenses When a lens goes through the beam of two parallel rays, they diverge after refraction. These actually always produce a virtual image!
  • Well what about virtual versus reality mere mortal?
  • Oh easy question. A real image is formed when the rays of light after reflection or refraction actually meet at some point whereas a virtual image is formed when the rays of light after reflection or refraction appear to meet at a point.
  • Oh you think you're so clever? Tell me about how they are made?
  • A real image is caused by the phenomenon when rays of light, after reflection and refraction of course, actually get to meet at a certain point! A virtual image is caused when they are sneaky, and they actually only appear to meet at a point! Weird right!
  • Well little girl did you even learn anything from the sims and rays diagram?
  • Why obviously I learned the relationship between an object's distance and height. An image creates distance and height, including magnification. Bet you didn’t know that. This shows the relationship between different lenses and how they work together to produce pictures and images that we see. Real life application. Take that!
  • Oh clever one then tell me how your data related to the thin lens and magnification formula.
  • Are you even trying to make this difficult? It relates because I clearly used the same values that are presented in the equation. Did you? I didn't think so. By using object distance, image distance and magnification to relate to the focal length it was similar to the Thin-lens equation. HAH! Two for two real life applications. How’s that feel?
  • One final question. How does using lenses relate to eyesight?
  • Did you even try to make this difficult? Lenses alter the direction of light rays to focus light properly onto the retina.
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