Updated: 5/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Chapter 10- confused
  • "I thought I'd go downstairs and see what the hell was going on in the Lavender Room." pg. 36
  • In chapter 10 holden enters the lavender room and asks for a drink but the waiter refuse, which leaves holden sitting alone
  • "When he did, I askedJane what the hell was going on." pg. 43
  • Chapter 11- Regret
  • In Chapter 11 Holden talks about how he comforted jane when her dad ran in pissed off
  • Chapter 12 curious
  • In chapter 12 Holden gets into a cab with a man named Horwitz and asks about the ducks in central park
  • "Well, you know the ducks that swim around in it? In the springtime and all? Do you happen to know where they go in the wintertime, by any chance?" pg. 44