The Outsiders Storyboard
Updated: 1/14/2021
The Outsiders Storyboard

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  • Waiting at the Hospital
  • Fine, I'll tell you.
  • We're the only family they got!
  • Back At Home
  • Hi Two-Bit
  • Hey Pony!
  • Reading the Newspaper
  • "Juvenile Delinquents Turn Heroes"?
  • I like the "turn" part
  • Darry is yelling at the doctor, telling him that they were the only family Johnny and Dally have while Soda is sleeping and Pony is worried.
  • Two-Bit and Steve come to see Pony while Pony tries to cook eggs.
  • Pony starts reading the newspaper after Two-Bit hands it to him. It talks about Pony and Johnny being heroes.