What Happened to the Roanoke Colony
Updated: 3/22/2020
What Happened to the Roanoke Colony

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  • Have you heard about the mysterious colny?
  • Hi son
  • Yes I would love to tell you about the Colony that is said to be the oldest mystery of American history and one 100 people died and their bodies were never found.
  • No. Can you tell me?About it?
  • Hi dad
  • It happens 532 years ago..
  • England sent 100 soldiers to explore the new land America
  • When they arrived after a long and tiring trip they arrived and met with the Natives
  • The colonists were invited to stay in their city for some days to rest and they accepted.
  • They lived in small wooden tents but it was okay for some days
  • When it was time for them to wake up none was up. They natives went to tell them but they were all missing
  • After a year the British did not receive any. letters so they went to search for them but the team they sent also disappeared and none of these people was ever found
  • No, no one know what happened son and it will remain a mistery
  • This seems so interesting dad, what happened after?