Ancient India Storyboard
Updated: 12/19/2019
Ancient India Storyboard
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  • Welcome to Ancient India also! I'm a blacksmith from Mohenjo-Daro!
  • Welcome to Ancient India! I'm a weaver in from the city of Harappa!
  • We're at a temple to go and worship one of our many gods.
  • I'm the Brahmin Priest, holding the holy text, the Vedas.
  • Civilians from different India cities are coming to another city to trade their goods in Mesopotamia for food, vases, clothes, and spices. They had specialized jobs like blacksmiths, weavers, potters and farmers.
  • Sudrans:farm workers, servants, other unskilled workers
  • Vaisyas:landowners, farm, merchants, skilled traders, minor officals
  • Kshatriyas:kings, chieftains, warriors
  • Brahmin:priest and religous teachers
  • Ancient Indians made clay pipes and used them as plumbing. They also had many monsoons, like right now a summer monsoon is happening. They also had a city well.
  • ''I'm riding down the Indus River by the Indus River Valley civilization.''
  • The Indians were polytheistic which means they worshiped many gods. The writing they had was called Sanskrit, which was made out of many pictures to replace words.
  • "Their government is unknown, but the city government were responsible for agriculture, trade and construction such as temples, roads and other public works."
  • Daliits; The Intouchables:the Dalits were the lowest class. They did any job considered "unclean". Members of the upper caste refused to have any contact with the Dalits, for fear of becoming "dirty".
  • "They have a river called the Indus River and this river was in the Indian Subcontinent."
  • "Farmers would eat their crops and trade their extras for other goods they needed. They brought silt flooding for their crops, so the soil would be rich. They grew things like wheat,barley,and rice."
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