Updated: 6/12/2020
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  • Oh, really? What is it?
  • responsability, liberty, property, vanity, flexibility
  • Mr. White, I´ve noticed something incredible!
  • There exist a patron in all those words.
  • When a word ends with -ty...
  • responsability, liberty, property, vanity, flexibility
  • Now I want you to use one word ending with -ty in a sentence applied to your own context. Volunteers?
  • What about: "I wish we all had the liberty of choosing who we fall in love with"?
  • That is a perfect example.
  • Katy notices that the words with ending -ty corresponds to -dad and -tad in Spanish. Her classmates are surprised.
  • You need to memorize this words because they are irregular verbs.
  • can, be, buy, bring, say
  • Mr. White told the students the grammar rule and ask them to write it down.
  • What is the grammar rule to make irregular verbs?
  • In-co-rrect!There is no grammar rules to make them. It is just something meant to be. That is why you need to memorize them all.
  • can, be, buy, bring, say
  • All of them have a similar spelling to the infinitive verb.
  • Now Mr. White has another activity.
  • Well, I guess you have won a homework, and a really big one!
  • You should not have done that!
  • Finally, Mr. Withe set the last activity of today.
  • Mr. White decided to ask a tricky question and Saul answered... ¡Wrongly!
  • And they lived happily ever after.
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