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To kill a mockingbird
Updated: 3/27/2019
To kill a mockingbird
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  • School Starts
  • This is a Star
  • walter cunningham
  • Jem
  • At the start of the chapter it talks about how school hasn't changed at all.
  • Winter
  • Scout and Jem though that that walter would store stuff in the tree. And they wanted to see if it was true so they waited a couple days but didn't see any results.
  • Miss Maudie
  • At the end of the chapter Scout talks about how Jem goes inside the house and she sees him crying but she didn't hear him crying at all.
  • Fire
  • Winter started and Ms. Avery had a saying that "when children disobeyed their parents, smoked cigarettes and made war on each other the season would change" So Jem and Scout though that it was their fault because they did so many stuff that were bad but in reality it wasnt like that because the seasons will always change no matter what.
  • At 1 ish scout got woken up by atticus and she told her to get up and put on her shoes with a coat and by the time they got they seen Miss Maudie's house burning down.
  • By the time the fire truck came it was too late because the fire catched up to the 2nd floor and then from there the house was no longer there
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