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Updated: 4/17/2020
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Wolf Period 6

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  • BPA is an industrial chemical that makes certain plastics. It's found on poly-carbonate plastics & epoxy resins. For example, plastic water bottles and plastic containers.
  • People become exposed because it can mix in with the food you eat. The protective internal epoxy resin coatings of canned foods and from consumer products such as poly-carbonate tableware, food storage containers, water bottles, and baby bottles can get into your food when heated up.
  • They could have very bad affects on the body. It's an endocrine disrupter. It interferes with people's hormones. Also, affects the brain & prostate gland of infants and children. Not only that, but it could affect behavior.
  • BPA causes a ton of illnesses. Some include, coronary artery heart disease, angina, heart attack, hypertension, higher blood pressure, and peripheral artery disease.
  • BPA affects the body's endocrine system. It's a collection of glands that regulate hormones, metabolism, growth, and moods. BPA is also classified as a human carcinogen. carcinogen's is capable of causing cancer in living tissue.
  • Good news is that BPA is able to be avoided. Ways to do so are to reduce the use of canned foods, use BPA-free products, and avoid heat to plastics,
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