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Cyclops storyboard
Updated: 11/17/2020
Cyclops storyboard
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Storyboard Description

Objective summary: Odysseus and his men sailed to Sicily. On the island they found a large cave full of cheese, which they ate. When the Cyclops came back to the cave he saw that the men had eaten his stockpile of cheese, which made him angry. He then shuts the cave with a large stone and eats 6 of Odysseus’ men and falls asleep. Odysseus blinds the Cyclops by stabbing it in the eye then he and the remaining crewmembers hide under the Cyclops’ rams overnight so that when the rams are let out the Cyclops will feel the top and not feel the men, allowing them to escape. Explanation of Scene Significance: The crew had left the Lotus eaters and were off on another quest. The crew explored a cave where they found and ate cheese that belonged to the cyclops. This led to the cyclops eating 6 men from Odysseus’ crew. This sets the scene for Odysseus to show off his cunning skills. He demonstrates his skills by blinding the cyclops, hiding under his rams, and waiting him out to make their escape. The cyclops then lays a curse on Odysseus wishing for him to never return home. Which sets the scene for the next part of the story.

Storyboard Text

  • Odysseus and his men arrived at Sicily.
  • Strangers. Who are you? And where from?
  • Odysseus and 12 of his men enter the Cyclops cave.
  • The men ate the Cyclops cheese.
  • The Cyclops arrives and blocks off the entrance to the cave with a large stone
  • The cyclops falls asleep after eating 6 men from Odysseus' crew. Odysseus then blinds the Cyclops by stabbing it in the eye.
  • The men hid under the Cyclops rams so that the cyclops would not hear them, they then escaped on the boat.
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