Gourmet Foods Food Safety Storyboard
Updated: 1/17/2020
Gourmet Foods Food Safety Storyboard
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  • I finally got all the ingredients for the chicken tacos that I'm going to be making tonight.
  • I should also store the vegetables away from the raw chicken in order to avoid cross contamination
  • I should get these home as soon as possible and put them in the fridge so that they're not in the temperature danger zone
  • Okay, I made it home. I put my apron on and now I'm ready to cook
  • Now its time to start cooking the chicken. I need to make sure that the handles of my pan aren't facing out, in order to avoid hitting them and making a mess.
  • Whoops, I almost forgot a very important step. You always wash your hands before you start cooking
  • Man! That was close. I guess I'll start cutting up the lettuce now while the chicken cooks. Now that I think about it, I cut the raw chicken on the cutting board. I should probably wash it in order to avoid contaminating my vegetables.
  • Oh no, a grease fire! I need to put this out. Thank goodness I have a fire extinguisher just for this type of situation, I could use baking soda too but theres no time to go and get it, fire extinguisher it is.
  • Before I start cutting I need to make sure that I'm holding the knife properly, with two fingers on the very end of the blade and the rest of my fingers holding the handle.
  • I also need to remember to not put my knife in the sink. That way I won't have to reach into the water and take a risk of cutting myself. I think I'll clean it now.
  • I'm finally finished cooking everything. Now it's time to enjoy. But first I need to turn off the stove. I don't want to take the risk of burning myself.
  • Lastly I'll clean up the kitchen and wash my hands one more time just to be sure that they're really clean. Then it will be time to feast.
  • Mmm, this is delicious! Chicken taco's were a great choice.
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