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comic strip apw ch2
Updated: 9/4/2020
comic strip apw ch2
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  • The Turks experienced great drought which lead to famine and death in their region. They decided to move to a more agriculturally rich environment.
  • These lands are so dry! Let's go someplace new.
  • don't worry, we have great things in store for this city.
  • The Turks conquered Baghdad by warring with the Abbasids. They later built universities, libraries.
  • have mercy on me!
  • who are you???
  • Seljuk Turks are defeating the Byzantine Empire!
  • We are Seljuk Turks, muslim Sunnis from the Asian steppes.
  • I am Mahmud of Ghazna and I will make this region Islamic.
  • The region was later named Ghanzi. It became an Islamic learning center.
  • Rajas -->
  • but we cannot defend ourselves!
  • we prefer you follow Islam, but we are tolerant of all religions. We will also put your traditions like the varna system in place.
  • Delhi Sultanates: Turkish Muslims that preached Islam, but never forced locals to convert to it.
  • local Indians in north India
  • We want to practice our own religion!
  • The Persian/Turkish and Indian cultures blended. This was evident when the Turks asked local artisans to add Indian elements to the mosques.
  • Help us add an Indian architectural touch to our mosques!
  • okay!
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