Science Project
Updated: 4/16/2020
Science Project

Storyboard Description

This project is on alcohol as a toxin, what alcohol can do to your body and why you shouldn't drink to much alcohol

Storyboard Text

  • On my way to the nightclub to go have some fun and dance.
  • Hey Drew come with me lets go get drinks together I'll pay
  • Sure I'll go get some drinks thanks for covering me.
  • I didn't know that was the effects of alcohol maybe I'll tell my friend i'm not thirsty.
  • Chronic consumption of a large amount of alcohol disrupts the communication between nervous, endocrine and immune system and causes hormonal disturbances that lead to profound and serious consequences at physiological and behavioral levels.
  • Consuming too much alcohol is linked to high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, trouble pumping blood through the body, blood clots, stroke, cardiomyopathy (sagging, stretched heart muscle), or heart attack.
  • Wow that TV Advertisement just helped explain to me why I shouldn't be drinking alcohol I'll tell Chris that he shouldn't be drinking at this age.
  • Alchol is a mutagenic and teratogenic in men which means it contains chemical substances and radiation that can affect you.
  • Hey Chris I don't think we should be drinking alcohol underage because I heard that in our bodies the liver breaks down the alcohol and toxins are released into the liver damaging liver cells and then can travel to our brains. I think we should just get sodas tonight.
  • Yeah sodas sound like a better idea I didn't know Alcohol was that bad for you, just for that I'll go pay and order 2 sodas
  • Yeah I think the best way to avoid the effects of alcohol is to not drink underage and not take the chance of getting those effects
  • I agree now lets have some fun and dance!
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