Roll of thunder hear my cry
Updated: 1/17/2020
Roll of thunder hear my cry
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  • Chapter 5
  • Wake up Cassie girl, you comin' to strawberry with us
  • Zzz...
  • Chapter 6
  • Ya meanin'to tell me that Mr.simms pushed you Cassie!
  • y-yessir
  • Chapter 7
  • It's okay i'll hold it until you grow into it.
  • Big Ma woke up Cassie to take her to strawberry with Stacy and T.J, but Cassie will soon find out that going in town is not as nice as it seems. Big Ma only decides to only take Cassie and Stacy, T.J always tagged along so he could get some stuff for is family. once they got to strawberry, Big Ma told her to stay by the wagan.
  • Chapter 5
  • I'm so sorry Mr.Simms. Go on Cassie, apologize.
  • Tell that little black girl to Apologize!
  • She walked around on the sidewalk. She accidentally bumped into Lillian Jean. Cassie said she was sorry but Lillian Jean didn't Except it. Her father came by and pushed her on to the road and told Cassie to say "Im sorry MIZ Lillian Jean". Big Ma saw what was happening. "Go on Cassie....Apologize" said Big Ma.
  • Chapter 6
  • We're gonna pay for what you did.
  • Soon later it was Sunday ( It's was time for church). After everyone was ready they went in Hammers car. Hammer had gotten Stacy a brand new coat, But Stacy was embarrassed. T.J keep calling him names.
  • Chapter 7
  • Soon after T.J had convinced them to look around and decided to put in his order. As the he started to put in his order, a young lady asked if he was waiting on anybody. He started putting orders for the other people in first. Cassie was angry. She walked out Stacy told her to stay put.
  • Uncle Hammer soon found out about this incident and got really mad. He wanted to kill him. After that they went on a ride in is new car. There were on a one way bridge trying to pass through. The other white folks let them pass think they was white with a car like that
  • T.J had told Stacey to give him the coat until Stacey grew into it. Stacey soon realized that was a big mistake. Mama was very angry.
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