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The Outsiders
Updated: 11/26/2019
The Outsiders
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  • What do they want. This is our territory. What are Socs doing far east?
  • A blue mustang filled with Socs including Randy and Bob started circling the park.
  • I don't know. But I bet they're looking for us. We picked up their girls.
  • Fountain Killing Scene.
  • Hey, whatta ya know? here's the little greasers that picked up our girls.
  • The Socs got of the car and confronted the boys about hanging out with their girls.
  • You're outa your territory. You better watch it.
  • Johnny stabs Bob as a reaction to Bob drowning Ponyboy.
  • We gotta get outa here. Get somewhere. Run away. The police'll be here soon
  • A pool of blood started to form around the body while Johnny had a face of determination. The other Socs were running away worried.
  • I think at Buck Merril's place. There's a party over there tonight. Dally said somethin' about it this afternoon.
  • Where can we find him?
  • Johnny and Ponyboy walk up to Buck's place to ask for Dallas. Buck says he 's busy.
  • Whatta want?
  • He's busy.
  • You really killed him, huh, Johnny?
  • The boys run to find Dally over at Buck Merril's place. They hope to find a place to hide from the police.
  • Dally! We gotta see Dally.
  • Tell him it's Pony and Johnny.
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