Updated: 9/26/2018
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  • why are there so many?
  • what does that mean?
  • There are to many of you too live.
  • their mother had a large liter, witch caused overproduction.
  • What are they doing now?
  • Hey give me that!!!
  • since there are so many and not a lot of food they have to compete for food.
  • NEVER!!!
  • Why do they look so different?
  • I look better then him.
  • Even though they are the same species they all different things to make them themselves. Its called variation.
  • why do they look so cold?
  • Its cold!!!!!
  • Because they are not used to all this cold so they need to adapt to it.
  • Your such a baby.
  • Yes they are. Since they can hide so well they have a better chance of living. Its called natural selections.
  • Are they still here I cant see them?
  • The end!!!
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