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Updated: 11/17/2017
Latishia Singleton Story board
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  • Hello i am one of the creators of the article of confederation.The article is weak because the people feared the strong national governments .
  • They met to talk about the virgina plan which was to turn there goverment into a bicameral legislative .
  • Hello i am william i am here to talk about the new jersey plan which was a proposal for the structure of the United States Gov
  • They also met up and talked about the great compromise .Which south carolina supported the great compromise because there were two houses one for parvalon and the other for representation. 
  • They had talks about the 3/5 compromise which was when the south carolians wanted slaves be represented as a whole person but didnt wanna be taxed . so the comprimise they came up with was they would represent a slave as 3/5.They had disagreements about the commerse comprimise which was a tax import on the slave trade for 20 years.
  • To make things better they made the bill of rights were the us constitution guarenteed citizens individual rights. 
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