Updated: 5/22/2020
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by tripp spenncer

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  • the people with no bats or rocks used snowballs as wepons and in the end 5 people were killed.
  • by Tripp spencer
  • history
  • page 5 boston tea party
  • page 4 boston massacre
  • page 3the acts
  • page 6the new acts
  • page twofrench and indian war
  • page 1 page your on
  • The french and indian war was in 1774-1776. in this war that was started because of taxes briten lost most of the time and france won most of the time.
  • their was three actsthe suger actthe paper actand the stamp act and the goverment made money from all of these.
  • the bostion tea party happened on Deember 16, 1773. The people throw 342 chestes of tea into the ocean.
  • After the bostion tea party the king was mad and made new laws and new acts.The king closed the ports, fired the goverment f massuchuses and hireed new ones from england to make things the way the king wants it to be.
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