Going to the Park
Updated: 2/16/2020
Going to the Park

Storyboard Description

Playing with the dog at the park

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Neighbor!
  • Hey Jeff, are you still going camping this afternoon with your friends?
  • Hello John, no, unfortunately, all of them had to go back to work and couldn't go
  • Camp Night?
  • Well, I was thinking about taking Bree for her first camping trip soon.
  • Why don't we all just go today for a day, I know a sick spot like 30 minutes from here.
  • OMG! DEFINITELY!! I can't wait to finally go! Can Brodie come!!
  • The Big News!
  • Hey Bree! Jeff invited us to take a camping trip with him for, I know you have been wanting to go really bad.
  • In this scene John is wondering what Jeff is going to be up to today. Jeff is slightly bummed out.
  • Pack-Up
  • I just have to change and grab some of my stuff.
  • Did you bring any supplies for camping. I brought a lot of s'mores stuff
  • John had proposed a camping trip to his neighbor since he has been trying to plan one.
  • Off to The Site!!
  • I haven't had s'mores in years. We brought everything from a food, first aid, string, a knife, matches, sleeping bags, clothes, and all the essentials
  • John had broke the news to his daughter that they can finally go on a camping trip.
  • Finally made it
  • This is much more relaxing to be outside cooking marshmallows then sitting at home
  • It was your old man's idea. He did a good job setting up that tent for the night...
  • John and Bree are going to pack up all of their belongings to get ready and leave.
  • I will pack some food for the trip. Make sure to get the first aid kit, boots, extra clothes, dog treats, a towel, a sleeping bag and a pillow. I will get the rest.
  • This scene describes some of the essentials for camping as an informative tip as to what is helpful to have on camping trip.
  • Everyone here is enjoying the time away while relaxing. It also explains some of the reasons that camping is so popular.
  • This is why I like camping. It brings all of us out together to enjoy time with each other.