The feather pillow
Updated: 11/4/2020
The feather pillow

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  • I love her profoundly i just cant figure out how i can tell her!
  • The exposition.. The Couple returns from their honeymoon .
  • His height is so impressive!
  • -Bedside sickness Conflict- Alicia is suggested bed rest by her doctor after her feeling faint.
  • I suggest you get some rest, she has no vomiting so I have no reasonable explanation. Call me if things worsen
  • Doc, I woke up feeling faint. I don't have a good feeling about this.
  • -The rising action-Alicia spent the past days sick in bed and yet no solution to her sickness. Her symptoms begin to worsen and worsen.
  • The second and third day passes as she begins to hallucinate, and a weakened voice.
  • -Climax to it all_All the deathly silent nights came to a pause. Alicia had past and
  • Doc! doc! I don't feel to well.....
  • -The falling action-While the servant cleans up Alicia's bed she notices an excessive amount of blood built upon the pillow. Quickly she shouts for Jordan as he is Alicia's husband.
  • Somebody ! Please anybody! The pillow is drenched in blood, this is not normal! Jordan come here, quick!
  • A blood sucking parasite killed my wife. This creature sucked all blood out of her living body.
  • -The resolution-Alicia's cause of death is discovered. Mortifying as to speak of.
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