Unknown Story
Updated: 8/27/2018
Unknown Story
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  • Exposition
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • George and Litia are a mother and father. They bought a house and it was $3500. The hours was made out of technology
  • Climax
  • The mother Litia didn't like what was on the walls. She told her husband George the father to came look and see what was going. The nursery is the room here the kids play.
  • Falling action 
  • Litia was wondering what was going on it the nursery. Then her and George when upstairs they went to the nursery and the walls was a veldt theme. George and Litia we're thinking about shutting down the nursery.
  • Resolution
  • They were so confused if the kids were thinking about death and lions and blood. So Litia was scared and George decided to shut the nursery down. But the kids somehow got into the nursery.
  • The kids were at a carnival. The kids came back from the carnival and the parents asked them why was a South Asia was on there walls the kids said there was no loins. Petter sent his sister Wendy went up to the nursery and changed it to a rainforest then they all walked up there to see the wall.
  • So George and Litia locked it up so the psychologist can come see what was going on so George and Litia locked it intelligent they figure it out. Then Peter and Wendy got really mad and Peter said to his dad that he hates him and he wishes that he was dead so they locked at the nursery. The lions were finished with their food. The psychologist came and asked where his parents were and Wendy said do you want a cup of tea
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