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A Night in the Garden
Updated: 10/4/2020
A Night in the Garden
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  • Susan Hall
  • Vivian Brooke
  • Avery Gordon
  • To her friends she is Susan Hall, member of the "Savannah Halls", one of the wealthiest families in Georgia. In her heart, she knows she is "Louella Welch", from Norman, Oklahoma, daughter of an abusive farmer and depressed housewife. She lied her way to fame.
  • Nicolas St.Clair
  • Daughter of Isiah Brooke, founder of Prometheus Studios, Vivian was born and raised among Hollywood royalty. Funny, fun, and endlessly exciting she is the ultimate party guest.
  • John Milton
  • The only man to travel across the Atlantic in under eighty days, Gordon is the picture of mid-century masculinity. A great sportsman and hunter, he is also arrogant ,a misogynist and viciously racist.
  • Margaret Philby
  • The "trickster prince" of Hollywood gossip. St. Clair, is the man who with a single witty retort or sardonic putdown can make and break the careers of stars and starlets alike. "Shush", his column is published in Milton newspapers and read in every state.
  • "The American Midas". As ruthless as he is cunning, Milton started off with a plot of land in southern California. He struck oil, and continues to do so with oil fields across the globe- along with banks, coal mines, factory farms, film studios and newspapers to add to his empire.
  • Originally born "Margaret Mwangi"her father was a British diplomat, her mother an impoverished local. She was not accepted by her citizenry, due to being half white, and not by the Whites.
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