Chapter 1-3 The Great Gatsby
Updated: 1/9/2020
Chapter 1-3 The Great Gatsby
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  • Chicago
  • East Egg
  • The Valley of the Ashes
  • This first scene is mostly directed towards Nick and his background. Nick lives in a small cottage in West Egg, next to Gatsby's manchine. Nick has come here from Chicago to start selling stocks and bonds.
  • New York City
  • In this section of chapter one, we get an insight on Tom and Daisy's house when Nick joins them for dinner one evening. Daisy is Nick's cousin, who is married to Tom. We soon find out from Jordan baker, who also attends the dinner, that Tom has been cheating on Daisy with a woman from The Valey of The Ashes.
  • West Egg
  • Valley of The Ashes is where we meet Tom's mysterious and her husband George. Tom decides to take Nick with him to New York. On the way they make a stop in the Valley of the Ashes; Tom wants Nick to meet Myrtle. From here, Myrtle "goes to visit her sister" when Tom and Nick leave.
  • Gatsby's Party
  • After they leave the Valley of the Ashes, Myrtle goes with Tom and Nick to Tom's apartment in New York. On the way there, Myrtle spots a puppy that she likes and of course, she gets it. Later that evening, they host a party, nothing like the dinner party and Tom and Daisy's; this is much more laid back and kind of crazy.
  • Now we get to learn more about West Egg, this is were Nick and Gatsby both live. Gatsby's house is directly across the Bay from Tom and Daisy's house. Nick and Gatsby are neighbors, but Nick doesn't know much about this Gatsby character. One day, one of Gatsby's workers come to Nick's door with an invitation to Gatsby's party.
  • The night of Gatby's party is a crazy night for everyone. Gatsby's parties are one of a kind; this man goes all out for the most random people to show up to his house. Anyone and everyone is welcome at his party. The one odd thing about him is that he will not drink, even though there is endless alcohol for everyone.
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