Secrets 2
Updated: 3/18/2020
Secrets 2

Storyboard Text

  • "Right on point Karen, good job at the hearing today, and sorry about what I called your father."
  • Rising Action 2
  • "Did she leave you anything?"
  • "Excuse me if i'm intruding your personal life, but our estate has heard a lot about your father, but who is your mother?"
  • "Hey!"
  • "Oh, I lost my mother in a car accident."
  • "Karen Minty, nice to meet you, William right?"
  • Rising Action 3
  • "Hey, Karen, it's your Mom. I know I might be too late, your father probably already did something to me. I just want you to know that your father is a liar, he's been stealing from different companies. I have to go, your father is almost here, I love you."
  • Climax
  • Karen and WIlliam meet at an unexpected dinner. William asks Karen how she feels about her parents, he also asks about her Mom, and Karen begins to question if her mother left her anything.
  • Falling Action 1
  • "Dad, I can't believe you killed Mom!"
  • "I am so sorry about your mom! Please don't call the police!"
  • Karen finds a video that her mother left her, Joziah never gave it to her because his secrets were revealed in that video.
  • Falling Action 2
  • Now that Karen knows all of this, she begins to think that her father is her mom's murderer. She heads to her father.
  • Resolution/Conclusion
  • "I'm sorry about my Dad Mr. Golderberg!"
  • Karen goes to Joziah very frustrated because of what she now knows. Joziah begs for mercy, but it is now too late.
  • "Sorry Dad, I can't live with the thought of you killing mom!"
  • Karen calls the cops on Joziah. Karen starts to see all the red flags in the past, and she blames herself.
  • Karen ends up being accepted by William's family. They take her in even though they know everything about what her father has done.
  • "Don't be, William has told me a lot about you. Despite your differences your love for each other is strong.