Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • A long time ago in 563 B.C. in Nepal, a prince named Siddhartha was born. when Siddhartha was born his father saw a fortune teller and he said Siddhartha would be a mighty king or a religious leader. Siddhartha's father wanted him to follow in his foot steps and be a king .
  • Siddhartha was raised in luxury and wealth. he was protected for anything suffering or in pain. Then Siddhartha got married and had a king and the whole court celebrated.
  • Siddhartha rode out one day and for the fist time, he saw a man leaning on a stick. Then he saw a man with decease. After he saw a dead man. Finally and most important he saw a holy man with not many possessions.
  • Siddhartha traded his luxury stuff for only little thing and the he tried to find the truth. he lived off food he begged for and other thing people gave him. one day he joi