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Tissues Family
Updated: 10/11/2019
Tissues Family
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  • My neuroglia have been working really hard lately protecting and supporting my neurons. They have been producing a lot of myelin to help with the speed of the signals.
  • Hello Muscular Matilda and Connective Cabott! I've been very tired with my job! I've been having to take care of the whole body, communicating signals through the nerves, spine, and brain.
  • You could might as well say that I have one of the hardest jobs out there!
  • Hi Nervous Narquisha and Epithelial Edbahard! How are you guys?
  • Omg Nervous Narquisha. You always think you're better than everyone else, now I remember why I left home so early. Try to be the only reason the whole body moves! If it wasn't for me, the body wouldn't even need your signals.
  • I have to protect the heart, be the muscles that help the skeletal movement like biceps,and i am found in hollow organs such as uterus and blood vessels.
  • You girls clearly don't know how hard my job is! I cover the entire surface of the body and line body structures like the heart eyes, and lungs, so my wife and kids live all over the body!
  • I should be the only one with the right to be tired because I have so many jobs to do. I have to protect organs, excrete waste to fight infections, and secrete mucus to protect organs from the acid from the body.
  • Hi Nervous Narquisha and Epithelial Edbahard! How are you guys?
  • If it wasn't for me, the body would melt from the inside out.
  • Well Epithelial Edbahard, you clearly don't know what you are talking about. Because me, being the most important tissue of you all, should know. Since I am the most abundant and I'm all over the body, I have a lot more jobs than you all combined! I protect the bones, I bind structures, store fat, repair tissue, and I fight infection.
  • You can't get any more complicated than that. I am found in blood, around organs, in bone, beneath skin, and eyeballs. I think I clearly win this argument.
  • 4.No i'm good. I still think i'm better.
  • 3.I think everyone is equally important. We should put our differences aside and just talk it out.
  • 1.This is ridiculous! Now I know why I don't talk to you guys anymore. You guys are too cocky.
  • 2.Yeah, I don't know who you think you are to be thinking that you're better than me.
  • 4.Okay goodbye sisters!
  • 3.Bye! We should do this again sometime!
  • 2.I'm leaving too. I got to get home to my kids. Have fun with your hard work.
  • 1.No, I'm leaving! I'm not listening to this nonsense!
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