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Mackenna Holben The Last Dog Storyboardthat
Updated: 9/30/2020
Mackenna Holben The Last Dog Storyboardthat
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  • "We can't wait to go on our field trip! It's going to be so much fun!"
  • "Oh, no! I think were lost! Where are we?"
  • "Did you hear that?"
  • *Whimper*
  • "Oh my gosh! Brock look!"
  • "A dog!"
  • The class is going on a field trip! Everyone is so excited. They've been waiting for this the whole year.
  • "Are you sure we should follow her? I don't know if this is a good idea!"
  • "I totally trust her! I think she knows where she's going!"
  • Follow me!
  • "I told you we should trust her! She totally knew her way back! I think we should keep her! "
  • Brock and Maisey end up getting lost and separated from the class! Where are they? All of a sudden they hear a whimper!
  • Oh my gosh are you guys ok? We thought you were seriously hurt! Don't wonder off like that!
  • As Maisey and Brock travel deeper into the woods, the whimpering sound gets louder and louder. A dog! They've found a gorgeous little stray dog.
  • Hmm... I don't know how about Brock jr? Or... Wait! I have it! how about Brog!
  • *Woof*
  • What are you going to name her Brock?
  • They quickly became friends with the dog and the dog knew her way around the woods so well, she ended up leading them through a trail that leads them back to their class!
  • Brock was right to trust the dog as she led them back to their class! They were so grateful and everyone loved and celebrated the dog and the friends safe return.
  • After ending their crazy day, they decided to bring Brog home! So she could have a new life full of happiness and love. They will never forget this crazy adventurous day!
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