science project
Updated: 1/28/2021
science project

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  • Hello everyone! Today im going to be talking about the steps of water systems! So lets get straight to it!
  • So it can be from rivers to lakes and to streams and more! But as the tempeture rises that water that is liquid starts turning into water vapor! This is what we call evaporation. And it starts going to the next step lets go!
  • So to start we have liquid water to water vapor. As the sun warms up from oceans but not only oceans it can be any type water body.
  • Oh its getting cold out here. Anyways we have entered the second step! Now we are doing condensation. As it gets colder the water is getting more cool the vapor causes the water particles to get closer together. That means that the water vapor condenses to make tiny droplets of water which form clouds! Now lest go the next step