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The Black Diamond
Updated: 3/8/2020
The Black Diamond
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Storyboard Description

This is an adaptation of the story The Blue Carbuncle in "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes."

Storyboard Text

  • No thank YOU for giving me something to do. I was getting bored till I came back.
  • I can't thank you enough for this help.
  • Bring him to jail for a life time sentience.
  • You have no right to speak.
  • Noo please!
  • Sir, what would you like me to do with him?
  • I was also wondering about that too.I thought it was Henry Baker
  • Well first of all...
  • Thanks again for helping us. But I am still wondering how you solved this case. I thought it would be a much more difficult one since none of the police men knew where to start.
  • When I was looking at the security camera's, Ryder was at the West wing. He was there to pick up a hanker shift to put at the crime scene so that he wouldn't get captured.
  • Which was here. Then he went back to the est wing to steal the diamond.
  • When Ryder was about to be sent to jail, he tried to protest that even though he was guilty, he only committed this one crime in his life. But the judge didn't care and sent him to a life long sentence.
  • When the day was over, Peterson sent Cheryl and Watson back to Cheryl's house. But Peterson and Watson were confused on how Cheryl knew it was Ryder who stole the dimond, so Cheryl started explaning.
  • I found out that it was him in the end was because his hat smelled strongly like lime, and the window faintly smelled like lime. Also when he went out of the window, his hair got cut of from the window's edge. So I knew it was him.
  • I see. Smart as always. Well I'd better get for dinner.
  • Cheryl started to explain how Ryder took Henry Baker's Hankershift to frame him that he was the person who took the black dimond.
  • Well I guess this is the place where I bid you farewell.
  • Get home safely, and Merry Christmas!
  • Cheryl then said how he grabed the gem then got the alarm to raise, which panaked him, so he banged his head against the window, and since this is the first floor, he jumped out the window and ran back to his post so no one would know he was gone.
  • After Cheryl finnished explaining, Peterson Cheryl and Watson bid their farewells.
  • Get home safely Peterson.
  • Then you better go before your wife worries about you.
  • Then goodbye, I hope to see you at the next crime.
  • After Peterson left, Watson and Cheryl bid their farewells. And Watson catched a cab to ride home.
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