charlotte's web
Updated: 2/8/2021
charlotte's web

Storyboard Text

  • Yay ! I can
  • try If you can, Let's see ..
  • I could spin a web if I try. so what if I don't have seven hairy legs like you
  • Hey ! templeton can you get me a rope and tie it with my tail ?
  • Wilbur boast's..
  • Now climb to the highest place and hurl yourself into space and let out a dragline as you go down.
  • Very Good !!
  • wilbur climbs up the heap of grass and jumps over it and lands with a thump.
  • Ooomp!
  • Don't Worry wilbur, It's not your mistake. You don't need a web. Even humans couldn't make the way we spiders can
  • I couldn,t make it out
  • That's a fine spider and I'm going to capture it.
  • You stop it, Avery!!