Wings of Fire
Updated: 5/20/2020
Wings of Fire
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  • MudWings are large brown dragons that live in the swamp. They are strong and can breathe fire in warm temperatures.
  • SandWings are pale gold, pale yellow, tan, and off-white dragons with venomous tail barbs who live in the desert.
  • SkyWings are red-gold and orange dragons with enormous wings that live in the mountains. They can fly fast and breathe fire
  • SeaWings are blue, green, and aquamarine dragons that can breath underwater, see in the dark, and swim fast, who live underwater.
  • RainWings are dragons who can shift their scales to any color. They can camoflaugue and spit venom and they live in the rainforest
  • IceWings are pale blue, white, as silver dragons who live in the tundra. They can breathe frostbreath and survive sub-zero temperatures
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